She had an awful cold

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Platform greaser & Northern line old geezer

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Train passenger & Northern line passenger

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Train passengers

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Train passengers

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Anonymous asked:

What do you want to do when you leave uni? (freelance or working for a design company or..?) Also, do you have any advice for illustration students studying now? :) x

This is a very hard question because I don’t think a lot will become clear until I get going with my 3rd year to be honest. In an ideal world, either would do, maybe leaning towards freelance I guess. i’m very open, I doubt anything will get going as soon as I graduate anyway, this stuff takes time, if we’re being realistic.

Also advice….hmm I guess try your best! That may sound patronisingly obvious but seriously if you don’t you are doing yourself a disservice. Take care of yourself and put as much effort as you can into things so that you reap the rewards - even if its a project you think ‘oh this isn’t really my kind of thing this is irrelevant to my practice’. In Illustration nothing is irrelevant. Don’t be snooty about working with others either, illustration isn’t just getting a brief and working at your desk in the dark, I have found working with like minded people on ideas both in uni and outside of it very rewarding - it’s worth putting up with the inevitable annoying ones for! 

I hope this was helpful, I don’t really know if i’m that qualified to be giving advice ha!

How did you progress into your current style of illustration ? What are your artistic "roots"?

Hey Chrysteena! This is a really tough question I think because i think the way style changes tends to be really organic anyway unless you make a conscious decision to completely change something.

I mean if you want to see how much i’ve progressed, I started seriously getting into drawing when I was about 12, and was into like neopets…and anime…pokemon (well i was always into pokemon) lol and was also just getting into the internet and i found loads of artists on deviantart who I looked up to and made me want to get into digital art as well. I think the materials you use dictates a lot.

Here’s one of my early photoshop experiments in 2005:

My original comment for this was:

I drew a quilava and then decided it should do something so i made it breath a puff of fire.Then i made it as if there was a big fire for some reason.Well its good practice.I did it all on photoshop no scanning.

I think it’s interesting how a lot of young artists are so incredibly prolific, they just keep churning stuff out in an incredibly earnest manner, and so improve fairly rapidly. But it’s a double-edge sword as the more technically proficient you become you tend to be more self aware and self conscious and fussy and end up restricting yourself. I think we could all benefit from caring a bit less to be honest. 

I was experimenting a lot with Photoshop & oekaki applets, not really knowing what I was doing and getting involved with drawing boards which were full of young people who bounced ideas about characters etc off each other, a lot of it was ridiculous but I think in the end it definitely had a positive effect. 

I think if you had to sum it up though my current style, if I even have any such distinctive thing is a mixture of my lifelong interests in animation, the cute and the spooky/strange. Atmosphere is important to me but i don’t think I have achieved that in my work yet, apart from maybe in the colours I use. Dreams are a big inspiration though I guess that is kind of cheesy.

Btw for anyone reading this, check out Chrysteena’s work, she’s in my class & produces gorgeous illustrations!

New England sketches
Ferry to Woods Hole, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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New England sketches
Ferry to Woods Hole, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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New England sketches
Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

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