Commission for a friend! Gastlies (Gastlys?) need love too.

20.08.14 @ 18:48132

Koopaling Stickers now in stock!
Set of 7 waterproof vinyl stickers now in my storenvy~

13.08.14 @ 15:457

Orange Is the New Black stickers now in stock!
Set of 14 peelable, waterproof vinyl stickers now on sale in my storenvy.

13.08.14 @ 15:2427

I can never remember the names of all the Great British Bake Off contestants so I end up giving them all helpful nicknames instead.

06.08.14 @ 22:15172

New blog! I’ve started up a research & progress blog for my 3rd Year FMP. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, please take a gander. At the moment it’s just me collating several years worth of relevant imagery I’ve already collected, but I’ll add new finds soon & as I get more into the project it’ll involve my own work too.
Check it out here: Sanctissimo
The above image is by Gustave Dore.

28.07.14 @ 21:522

Gonna do a run of stickers of the Koopalings from the Mario Bros games, cause i’m really pleased they were added to MK8 hah, they’re fun to draw!

27.07.14 @ 22:1825

The US Office doodles

09.07.14 @ 22:215

I saw pics of them filming Nicky’s backstory for S3 and am already excited even tho it won’t be out for another year :( so here’s the outfit from the set pics heh 

09.07.14 @ 22:178

Naoko & Midori from Norwegian Wood

09.07.14 @ 21:3811