New blog! I’ve started up a research & progress blog for my 3rd Year FMP. If you’re interested in that sort of thing, please take a gander. At the moment it’s just me collating several years worth of relevant imagery I’ve already collected, but I’ll add new finds soon & as I get more into the project it’ll involve my own work too.
Check it out here: Sanctissimo
The above image is by Gustave Dore.

28.07.14 @ 21:522

Gonna do a run of stickers of the Koopalings from the Mario Bros games, cause i’m really pleased they were added to MK8 hah, they’re fun to draw!

27.07.14 @ 22:1823

The US Office doodles

09.07.14 @ 22:214

I saw pics of them filming Nicky’s backstory for S3 and am already excited even tho it won’t be out for another year :( so here’s the outfit from the set pics heh 

09.07.14 @ 22:178

Naoko & Midori from Norwegian Wood

09.07.14 @ 21:3811

My Hunter in MH3U in her Gunner armour, though I forgot to draw her actual bowgun.. Might draw her Blademaster getup at some point too

09.07.14 @ 21:3152

Artwork I created for my shrine to my imagined mythical figure ‘The Drowned Lady of Rotherhithe’ the other month at the Parallel Cities exhibition. Sorry it took so long to upload this!

06.07.14 @ 22:089

Sketch of Vegeta & Bulma from DBZ for a customer of my store who has been very patient waiting for their order that got delayed.

02.07.14 @ 17:0418